We prefer to sell our seaweed in bulk to reduce packaging. Free shipping on orders 10 lbs or over. For orders less than 10 lbs add $10. We offer a 10% discount on orders 10 lbs or over. Additional $5 shipping surcharge for Alaska and Hawaii customers. Sorry, we do not ship internationally, including Canada.

For a mixture of all the seaweeds we harvest, try the Ocean Harvest Bushel:  1/2 lb. dulse, 1/2 lb. kelp, 1/2 lb. kombu, 1/2 lb. wakame. $55, free shipping.

To order with credit card, use the online payment form below and add items to your shopping cart. Please note that you are not required to have a Paypal account to buy online, simply click “Don’t have a paypal account” to bypass account creation. If you prefer, send us a note with a check or money order.

During some periods of the harvest season –April to August – we may take up to two weeks to fill orders, as we concentrate on harvesting seaweed during the tides. Please let us know by email if your order is time-sensitive and we will do our best to accommodate.


(only for orders over 10 lbs)
Wild Atlantic Dulse 1 $28


Wild Atlantic Kelp 1 $25


Wild Atlantic Kombu 1 $25


Wild Atlantic Wakame 1 $28


Ocean Harvest Bushel
1/2 lb. dulse, 1/2 lb. kelp, 1/2 lb. kombu, 1/2 lb. wakame (shipping free)
2 $55

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