Wild Atlantic Nori, Porphyra umbilicalus is a relative of the Japanese sushi nori.  It’s also known as laver in the British Isles, where it’s traditionally baked into breads and used as a vegetable. Our wild whole leaf nori is dried in its natural crinkled state, not aqua-cultured and heat processed into sheets like sushi nori.

Wild nori grows on wave beaten rocks on exposed beaches. The plants are just one cell thick, but show extreme resilience in the surf. At low tide, the plants lie plastered on the rock ledges in pink, purple, and black hues. They dry in the sun to a lustrous black. Nori is rich in protein, vitamins A, C, E, and B (including the highest level of B vitamins in seaweeds) and trace minerals.  Wild Atlantic nori has complex flavor, both and nutty and slightly sweet. It is delicious in soups and roasted and crumbled as a condiment.

Nori can be dry roasted in a 200 degree oven or a hot skillet for a few minutes and then crumbled over rice, soba noodles, vegetables, and salads.  Wild Atlantic nori can also be soaked in tempura batter and fried for a crispy treat.

We prefer to sell our seaweed in bulk to reduce packaging.