Wholesale Price List for Retail Vendors

We offer wild North Atlantic dulse, kelp, kombu, nori, and wakame.


Bulk Seaweed

  • Kelp and Kombu are $25/lb.; Dulse and Wakame are $28/lb.; Nori is $30/lb.
  • 10% discount on orders 10 lbs or over.
  • Free shipping on orders 10 lbs or over. For orders less than 10 lbs add $10.

Packaged Seaweed

  • Kelp and Kombu (2 oz. packages) $3.50 each; Dulse and Wakame (2 oz. packages) $3.90 each. (no nori packages)
  • Minimum order 24 packages.
  • Free shipping.

To order, contact us using the information below.

ironboundislandseaweed (((at))) gmail.com     207-963-7016

Ironbound Island | P.O. Box 23 | Winter Harbor, ME 04693